Where we work

We work in Malawi since 2008 and in Rwanda since 2012 and we are growing!

Our Gold Standard registered programme of micro-projects is geared for at least 12 countries including Burundi, DR Congo, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Rwanda, Somalia, Tanzania, and Zambia.


498,037 Households are covered by the CDM programme

161,807 Household are covered under the Gold Standard programme

In addition, a total of 659,844 stoves were distributed, benefitting 3.3 million of people.

1,359 institutional stoves where also distributed in schools, factories, health centers, training centers and jails.

There are 282 production groups in Malawi employing 5,820 stove producers

More than 60% of producers are women and many of the promoters are women as they know best the properties of the stove.


16,537 Households are covered by the Gold Standard programme.


What people are saying

I pay school fees for my child in secondary school. When we use the Chitetezo stove, we save the environment.

Sidiveria Zagwa

Customer Manager - Attik

Once you are sick, you can move the Chitetezo stove and put it nearby.
It is portable and it can be used to keep you warm.

Falesi Mwamadi

Stove Producer & user

If this village can plant 10 trees and prune 5 trees, the whole village can use the wood for one month, as the wood required for a Chitetezo Mbaula is not a lot.

Metnes Chafumbwa

Village Elder Chinkwita