Hestian co-organised an event with colleagues from the Cookstoves Coalition and Cleaner Cooking Coalition  and the Research Institute in Ecosystems and Sustainability (IIES) of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) from May 31st to June 2nd 2017.


IIES has a rich experience in ecology, society and technology with emphasis on ecological cookstoves and has its own Laboratory for Innovation and Evaluation of Biomass Cookstoves (LINEB).

Approximately 30 people participated in the event from Africa, Americas, Asia and Europe including academic researchers, field implementers and international agencies. There were a total of 15 presentations, of which 5 were made by internet from India, Kenya, UK, USA and Denmark. Mush of the presentation and discussions were related to how to make cooking and household energy cleaner, particularly for those who rely on solid biomass as a source of energy.

A key objectives of the meeting was to collectively strategise on how to develop a medium to long term plan to reach universal, fossil free, clean cooking.

Fossil free cooking is a long-term goal that will allow, some time in the future, a portfolio of cooking options based on renewables such as solar, biomass, etc. As part of the transition, in the interim, there will be hybrid solutions including liquid petroleum gas.

The calibre of the presentations and the interactions among the participants was very thought provoking and lead to commitments for continued collaboration in the future.

Although the event has not resulted in a plan for the future, it did sow various seeds and, some day, may resemble a milestone for future developments in the cleaner cooking sector.

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Event details Pathways Event Morelia, Mexico May 31 to Jun 2 2017 and program Pathways 2017 Program 220517