Beginning in 2012, Alfred Chisale, a husband and father to two daughters, now leads a team of 29 – including 17 women – producing Chitetezo Mbaula clay cookstoves; simple but quietly transforming the lives of thousands of women and children on a daily basis.

Alfred’s wife of 14 years, Christina, and her friends prefer the US$2 safer, cleaner, quicker Chitetezo Mbaula. It is portable and saves firewood so they source wood less often and are exposed to less smoke in the cooking place. Their families save on household expenditure, and improve the natural environment. More than 40,000 are benefitting from those produced by Alfred’s team.


I started producing Chitetezo Mbaula [with Alfred] in 2012. Since then my life has been better and I have benefited. Even my family is better off now thanks to Chitetezo Mbaula stove

Mrs. Effie Sambani, Best Producer and cash prize recipient at Malawi’s Cleaner Cooking Camp 2015 having produced 1,101 stoves in 2014.

Alfred has been selected as one of 16 Heforshe  ( role models in Malawi.