What better way to encourage kids and their parents that going to school is a good thing, than to be guaranteed a nutritious meal every school day!

This is the basic premise of school feeding programmes that can be  the catalyst for better school attendance, more attentive students and kids coming back year after year.

Large cookstoves, known locally as Mayankho Institutional stoves,  can cook a nutritious porridge enriched with vitamins and minerals for hundreds of kids at a time.

By the end of 2014, Mayankho stoves promoted by Hestian, were feeding over 140,000 primary children in primary schools and day-care centres for under 5s in Malawi.

All of the stoves are locally made using non-exotic parts by skilled builders. Maintenance can be done locally which really extends the life-span of the stoves.

Compared to the old techniques used, this new way of cooking saves over 75% of firewood. Because of its design it is super-safe – a kid can touch the outer surface without being burned. And they are liked by the cooks too…

These stoves are better as they are easier to use as you don’t have to bend your back while preparing the food, they use much less firewood and the porridge doesn’t stick to the pot as much.

The bottom line is – getting a nutritious cooked meal for going to school makes sense. The meal being cooked on a safe, clean and more efficient stove makes even more sense…