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More than 3.5 million beneficiaries of locally-made energy efficient cookstoves in Africa

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One of the world’s worst problems is one of the easiest to help solve — and you can help.

Inefficient stove technologies contribute to deforestation and forest degradation, unsafe conditions in the home, soil erosion, and contribute to the death of 2 million infants each year due to indoor wood-smoke inhalation. Besides that, reduced need for biomass reduces allows women to dedicate their time to other activities as childcare and income generation.

The New Hestian Project’s improved cookstoves and fuel efficiency projects in Southern Africa directly reduce indoor cooking smoke – one of the leading causes of acute respiratory infections and the top killer of young children worldwide.




The New Hestian Project creation and first implementation in Malawi


Expansion of implementation in Rwanda and carbon certification under the Gold Standard


Certification of a new program in Malawi under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change Clean Development Mechanism (CDM)


By 11th of January 2020, The New Hestian Project’s efforts have resulted in over 677,905 homes using improved portable cookstoves and institutions like schools using 1,359 fixed institutional stoves which has helped create over 2,000 jobs.

What people are saying

I pay school fees for my child in secondary school. When we use the Chitetezo stove, we save the environment.

Sidiveria Zagwa

Customer Manager - Attik

Once you are sick, you can move the Chitetezo stove and put it nearby.
It is portable and it can be used to keep you warm.

Falesi Mwamadi

Stove Producer & user

If this village can plant 10 trees and prune 5 trees, the whole village can use the wood for one month, as the wood required for a Chitetezo Mbaula is not a lot.

Metnes Chafumbwa

Village Elder Chinkwita



The New Hestian Project is an initiative that was born with the will of increasing transparency and benefit-sharing across  social development projects.

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