Carbon Financed Cookstoves in Africa

Hestian runs fuel efficiency projects in Southern Africa, reducing
the negative health and environmental impacts of woodfuel consumption.

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Improving health

More than 2 million infants die annually from Acute Respiratory Infections, the top killer of young children worldwide. Smoke from cooking and heating with traditional fuels and technologies puts women and children at serious risk. Hestian is promoting technologies to reduce exposure to indoor air pollution.

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Avoiding deforestation

Malawi has suffered 57% deforestation from 1972 to 1992 and an ongoing annual deforestation rate of 2.8%. Hestian’s projects are helping to reverse this trend.

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Reducing wood dependency

Hestian’s Stoves and Rocket Barns reduce woodfuel consumption by up to 80% and 75% respectively.

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Our approach

Hestian works with local partners using results based incentives for dissemination and technology adoption.

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